• "Providing exceptional quality care is the cornerstone of our mission."

Patient Care

At AFFIRMA, our passion is to provide therapy services tailored to our
patients with the best care possible, all the while remembering that they
are people, with unique needs and circumstances. Your family becomes
ours as we work together to create and implement an optimal rehab care
path for you or your loved one.

Home Management and Caregiver Education

We extend this approach by providing Home Management and Caregiver
Education. Prior to discharge from a rehabilitation facility, our team
will coordinate a home visit, as well as work with caregivers to provide
effective training and equipment needed for appropriate discharge from
skilled nursing.

This holistic approach allows for a safe return to the community.


Our goal at AFFIRMA is to be total patient care advocates. We strive to provide the highest quality rehabilitation therapy services with the goal of having residents return to their maximum level of function.

We do not believe that age equates with a defined level of function. We assess each patient as an individual and create a customized rehab care plan for every patient that addresses their specific care needs and goals. These plans are rooted in scientific and clinical data to ensure that the care being provided is the gold standard.

In addition, our highly skilled physical, occupational and speech therapists and staff teach compensatory strategies, provide individualized adaptations to the environment, and teach caregivers ways to optimize resident function. As health care providers, we take our responsibility to translate each resident’s potential for rehabilitation into an appropriate rehab therapy strategy to optimize outcomes and maximize quality of life.


We build strong, dedicated clinical programs centered around specific resident rehab care needs, as well as take into consideration regulatory requirements.

Our Clinical Services team of physical, occupational and speech therapists offers guidance through evaluation of clinical need, applicable training, development of specialty programs and constant monitoring and reassessment.

Training and education is what makes our rehabilitation team work smoothly.

Our goal is to be the best clinical rehab provider, not the biggest.
AFFIRMA is not a franchised therapy company.

  • If we take care of patients, the business takes care of itself
  • Reliable services lead to excellent outcomes


AFFIRMA Rehabilitation is committed to service with integrity. We practice a proactive and
comprehensive approach to compliance, to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

“I would like to attest that working with the AFFIRMA group is a true pleasure. AFFIRMA provides excellent contract rehab care services with great outcomes for our residents.”

—Connie B., RN Director of Nursing Services