• "Our goal is to increase successful outcomes."

Innovative Technology

At AFFIRMA, we are constantly enhancing and improving our overall program with the goal of increasing successful outcomes. Through the use of both new and well-established modalities to meet a wide variety of clinical needs, AFFIRMA sets a standard of excellence in our industry by demonstrating exceptional results.

Accelerated Care Plus

We pride ourselves on our partnership with Accelerated Care Plus and training that goes hand-in-hand with the high quality patient care we deliver to each community and resident.

AFFIRMA has proudly been named
Accelerated Care Plus’ 2014 Partner of the Year!
Accelerated Care Plus

We utilize state of the art rehab therapy equipment including ultrasound, diathermy, electrical stimulation and infrared treatments for wound care, pain management, neuropathies, muscle re-education.

Therapy Environment

Keeping it meaningful and real are key elements to how AFFIRMA delivers therapy to its residents.

Through a personalized rehabilitation therapy program, AFFIRMA looks at what inspires the individual. With this in mind, our rehabilitation therapists customize specific programs around what motivates and interests the resident. Whether it is gardening, housekeeping, or just managing our activities of daily living, we make sure our programs are personalized around the interests of our residents. We like to keep physical therapy fun and functional so that our residents and their families do not feel burdened or overwhelmed by the rehab therapy process.

Designing a Functional Treatment Approach

Many therapy departments and therapy companies are reflective of an impairment approach to treatment with heavy emphasis on equipment. While such modalities are important, at AFFIRMA, our therapy department reflects a functional treatment approach which has a vastly different configuration. A Life Skills Therapy Department is one that encompasses home like settings and areas such as a kitchenette, training bathroom, sitting area, and bed or bedroom area.

Program and Product Development

AFFIRMA, a contract rehabilitation company, builds strong, dedicated clinical programs around rehabilitation resident needs, regulatory and facility specific requirements.

Our Clinical Services team offers guidance to our rehabilitation therapists and managers through evaluation of clinical need, applicable training, development of specialty programs, and constant monitoring to ensure skillful, clinical delivery and coordinated documentation.

“I would like to attest that working with the AFFIRMA group is a true pleasure. AFFIRMA provides excellent contract rehab care services with great outcomes for our residents.”

—Connie B., RN Director of Nursing Services