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ACP Partner of the Year

As ACP’s first customer 15 years ago, AFFIRMA has grown to include ACP programs in 74 successful facilities. AFFIRMA has also integrated ACP treatment strategies so completely that there are 299 additional ACP devices in their facilities nationwide to meet their clinical need.

At the annual awards ceremony, AFFIRMA was described as not only having the ability to deliver results, but also as possessing a focused, smart and kind leadership team. It’s this leadership team and their recognition of the value of clinical education, evidence-based treatment and progressive technology that enables AFFIRMA to continue its role in delivering the highest quality care to patients.

While honoring AFFIRMA at the annual Awards Ceremony, ACP acknowledged the results of this rewarding partnership. Although the numbers tell a very compelling story about AFFIRMA being an exceptional partner, surpassing ACP’s very strong customer base, these figures only tell part of the story. ACP selected AFFIRMA due to an ability to operate with the same level of standards no matter what facility, or what individual ACP encounters.

AFFIRMA’s goal is to increase successful patient outcomes by continuing to enhance and improve its overall program. Through its partnership with ACP and a dedicated team of professionals, AFFIRMA has continued to deliver high quality rehabilitation care to facilities and residents.