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"A continuum of care to ensure a smooth transition home."

Patient Testimonials

Our patients are proud of their achievements, read some of their stories.


"It is an excellent therapy department. They get the job done."
Stephanie, CNA 

“I would like to thank my therapists Eric, Mike & Adam and the entire Nursing Staff at Arbor Nursing Center for their compassion and great care”
Norman C. - Patient
Norman (prior to retirement) was a Pulmonary Therapist and worked in San Joaquin General Hospital & Lodi Memorial Hospital. 

"The therapy department helped me return to my Assisted Living Facility. They do a good job."
Russell - Resident 

"I feel its good because they helped me. I can move my legs and stand. They worked with my hands. I can write and draw again. I’m now able to take 18 steps with a walker."
Lillie - Resident 

"I think it’s the finest therapy group that I have ever worked with. I am sincere about that. The therapists were able to get my hand working and got me walking after I fell. I can walk and stand. The fall management program is great."
Wray - Resident 

"I was happy being here. All of the people from rehab that came to help me were great. I give them a 10+."
Martha J. - Resident

“I would like to thank the Therapy Department for their courtesy and willingness to help me on my way to recovery, they were patient and diligent in their work which inspired me to work harder and follow their direction. It was impressive to see how they worked with all of the other residents.”

"My knees were feeling weak and unsteady making it hard to stand, walk and get out of bed; with therapy I am now stronger. I truly appreciate the therapy team for their hard work and encouragement I am now much stronger and back to my old self. I love being able to dance again.”

“Therapy has been a real challenge for me, but I always try to keep an open mind. When I first came to Valle Vista, I was having a lot of trouble with my leg which made it difficult to stand and walk. With hard work and my therapist’s help I am getting stronger and I am now able to walk without a walker.” 

"When I first arrived at Valle Vista it took three people to get me out of bed, I was very deconditioned. I worked with the therapy team beginning in a standing frame and then doing more and more every day. In just a little over a month, I was able to walk independently, and go up and down stairs allowing me to return home with my wife."

“…Your therapist are so caring and they really know their job…they have really given me the confidence to go home comfortably.”

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AFFIRMA has proudly been named Accelerated Care Plus’ 2014 Partner of the Year!

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"I would like to attest that working with the AFFIRMA group is a true pleasure.
AFFIRMA provides excellent contract rehab care services with great outcomes for our residents."

- Connie B., RN Director of Nursing Services

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AFFIRMA Rehabilitation is a nationwide contract rehabilitation therapy company dedicated to providing quality rehabilitation therapy services. Our Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy programs, delivered from your respective skilled nursing homes, are designed to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

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