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Partnering with AFFIRMA

We work with our clients as a trusted partner, including specialized services for both reimbursement and marketing.


Reimbursement Support

The nature of our business is getting more and more complex by the moment. Being cognizant of the latest regulatory and federal changes are more critical than ever. With that in mind, we provide our clients help in navigating thru the wild twists and turns of our industry. Knowing that you have a partner that is an expert in our complicated practice setting will give you peace of mind. 

AFFIRMA contractually commits to complete indemnification for the facility when reimbursement is denied for any reason deemed our fault.


Marketing Assistance

AFFIRMA believes that your success is our success. To that end, our partnership includes participation in meetings and events designed to help your facility grow. AFFIRMA can help support your census by participating in select activities on behalf of our partner communities Examples include activities such as open houses, community health fairs, marketing team meetings, community education, and marketing calls.

We also have enhanced visibility for current customers by providing Success Stories to referral sources, networking with potential referral sources and developing relationships with local hospital rehabilitation departments, referring physicians, and other sources.

Our Facility Rehab Directors will be actively involved in the center’s marketing plan and activities. We will provide tools and resources including outcomes information and brochure templates to support our marketing partnership. We also offering assistance in designing rehab-focused, facility brochures as requested.

Outcome Reports are useful tools to communicate with physicians as well as other referring parties.

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"I would like to attest that working with the AFFIRMA group is a true pleasure.
AFFIRMA provides excellent contract rehab care services with great outcomes for our residents."

- Connie B., RN Director of Nursing Services


AFFIRMA Rehabilitation is a nationwide contract rehabilitation therapy company dedicated to providing quality rehabilitation therapy services. Our Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy programs, delivered from your respective skilled nursing homes, are designed to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

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